Wisconsin Retail Garden Center Map
Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who will be included on the map?
    1. The map will show the locations of those independent garden centers, greenhouse retailers and nurseries in Wisconsin that have asked to be included


  2. Is there a cost to being included on the map?
    1. Basic information for each business and a logo or picture is included at no cost.


  3. Why is the map being provided?
    1. This interactive map has been developed as a supplemental marketing tool for RETAIL garden centers, greenhouses and nurseries to help them reach out to potential customers.


  4. Who is going to maintain the site?
    1. The map and site will be maintained by the Department of Horticulture at UW-Madison


  5. How do I get my information on the map?
    1. On the website you will find a page with a contact form. Use that form to indicate all of your information and submit it electronically.


  6. What kind of information can I include?
    1. Basic information included for every business will be:
      1. Name of business
      2. Owner(s)
      3. Address, City, Zip
      4. Email address
      5. Web site address
      6. Telephone number (optional)
      7. Types of products available (see checklist)
      8. Hours of operation (by season)
      9. A logo or picture
  1. How can I make my information standout?
    1. The map will show the same basic information for every business included. Those businesses who wish to enhance their information can include a logo or picture.


  2. Will I be able to change my information?
    1. Information on details about your business that have changed or have been entered incorrectly should be emailed to eonelson@wisc.edu and corrections will be made.


  3. What if I am only a seasonal operation?
    1. On the contact form there is an area where you can indicate your hours of operation by season. Even if you are seasonal it is important to let customers know when you are open.


  4. Can I include pictures?
    1. Yes, you can include a picture or a logo.


  5. Do we have to renew our information?
    1. Periodically we will ask that everyone reconfirm their wish to be on the map and to ascertain that their information is current.


  6. What if I don’t have an email address?
    1. You do not have to have an email address to be included on the map.


  7. What if I don’t have a website?
    1. You do not have to have a website to be included on the map.


  8. How will customers find out about the map?
    1. Periodically the map will be publicized through University of Wisconsin and UW-Extension outlets. We also ask that businesses promote the map’s existence to their customer base and gardening groups in their local area.


  9. How will we know if it is helping our advertising?
    1. We will measure web-site usage through internal data and will make a periodic report on that data.


  10. Will customers be able to link to my website?
    1. If you have a website and its address is included on the map, customers will be able to link directly to your website.


  11. What about my Facebook page?
    1. Those businesses with a Facebook page are encouraged to “like” the map’s Facebook page (Link Here). When new information is added to the map’s Facebook page, that information will show up on your Facebook page as well. Keeping this information in front of the gardening public will continue to help build connections between businesses and customers.